Research Project: Earth Zero

Hello everyone,

I’ve had this idea bouncing around in my head for quite some time on a research topic and I decided that I should put it on paper. I have included my rough draft heading and introductory paragraph and throughout my research I will be providing little updates on my project.

Earth Zero

A study on the catastrophic relationship between the human species and Earth, illustrated in the destruction of the environment and the collapse of culture.

By Amanda Balough


The human species thrives upon chaos. Scarred with centuries of war, social upheaval, and inequality, humans have never seemed to sustain a period of peace for long without feeling the desire to change something. For most of the human race has agreed upon the notion that change is good; that stagnation in any form will impede the forward movement of progress and society will collapse. In order to change a situation to better influence ones survival, humans have become obsessed with micromanaging everything, including dominating the Earth’s environments to shape them to suit us. The scars of this continued war are etched across the Earth’s forests, deserts, seas, and atmosphere and have greatly affected and altered natural systems. The human species selfishly ignored the results of the destruction in favor of learning about a celebrity’s new baby, war in another region of the world, and political unrest, rather than devoting needed attention to a more critical issue, one that affects the whole world. Al Gore spoke about global warming in 2008; his speech and documentary garnered some action, but since that time the situation has worsened. Now, humans are not only threatened by an imminent environmental collapse but also a collapse of society, creating Earth Zero.

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